About me

I was born in Uruguay (Montevideo), my name is Victoria, although I am Vicky and Vix to my loved ones. I studied textile design there, I had my own clothing brand and because of my desire to see the world, life took me to the south of Spain.

Less than a year ago I started making soy candles for myself and my friends as a hobby and I felt like a pixie in her enchanted forest of herbs, scents and shapes.

Months passed and that pixie believed in herself, creating again after so many years led her to feel more complete, to remind herself that art was still there within her, and it was always her deep vocation. This is how Agnes Candle was born, from the love, poetry, art and romanticism that this adventurous girl wants to teach the world through different forms and special aromas.

I feel very happy every time you write to me telling me that your candles have arrived, your words fill my heart, I am completely grateful to you: you make me believe in myself more. I am super lucky to do what I love: create.

Thanks a million for being part of this beautiful project that is growing day by day.

Vicky x Agnes

que es agnes candle

How it works?

Step 1. We label and cut the wick.

Step 2. We cover to maintain the fragrance and leave 1/2 week.

Step 3. We light our candle and enjoy the relaxing moment with its rich aroma.


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Hoy he recogido el paquete, muero de amor, son una preciosidad y huelen de maravilla. Gracias.
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Espectacular!!! Huele increíble la vela está siendo parte de mi momento relax. Gracias
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Ya me llegaron las velitas...están hermosas y huelen riquísimo. Muchas gracias.
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Me acaban de llegar , dios como me gustan y que bien hueleen🤩, jo muchisisisimas, muy agradecida de verdad
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Me acaban de llegar las velitas, son ideales, su forma,su aroma, que artista !! Las pondré en el centro de mesa para decorar! Gracias agnes !!
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Hola! Ya me llegaron las velitas!!! Son una monada y huelen de maravilla ! Me encantan !!
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Precioso todo como siempre, tus detalles, su olor, el envoltorio, estás irán para Sevilla, mil gracias.
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Hola Agnes, me acaban de llegar las velitas de friends, que monada son, algunas son para regalar, huelen increíble a limón. Muchas gracias
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Ya me llegaron ! Son una fantasía !!!! Los buditas, el mundo, los cactus me encantan !! Mi salita quedará genial ! Gracias guapa!